Welcome to the MuroMusicProject


When I was 5, a family friendĀ  took my brother and me on a tugboat ride in New York Harbor. When the horn sounded, I was surrounded by immense tone. I fainted and fell to the deck as if shot.

I have not yet recovered. The ensuing 50+ years have consisted of attempts to recreate the effect of that sonic apocalypse. These attempts have taken me through the following genres:

  • Electronic (abstract, imitative, pop)
  • Rock (psychedelic, hard, pop, jazz-rock, alternative)
  • New Age

I have composed music for orchestra, chorus, concert band, jazz band and organ. In addition, there were digressions into “commercial music” (music for commerce) which enabled me to purchase new instruments and recording equipment. This included music for television and radio, product demonstration recordings, and educational music.

And the journey continues.